A NON-FICTION NOVEL by Nina Bhadreshwar detailing the reason she left England for California in the 1990's and her own experience of being part of Death Row Records and Tupac's penpal.

'FINDING CC'  is a coming-of-age story, the true chronicle of the experience of British journalist Nina Bhadreshwar. Her social awakening begins when she meets a fifteen year old homeless black poet in London, CC, who is later murdered when kicked out of the London night shelter where she is a volunteer.  Already desperate with questions and grief after the loss of her mother, Nina realizes she is not the only one in pain and starts her own graffiti and poetry zine, The Real State, in 1992 fuelled by rave and graffiti.  Nina finds solace in aerosol visions, sound systems and the cadences of rap.  She travels across Europe and the USA in her quest to understand the real state and to document the stories of the struggling ethnic youth .  It's during a stay in New York that she encounters someone already at it in  the positive energy of Tupac Shakur and they start a pen pal correspondence.

Decamping to California's ghettos in November 1994, Nina finally settles in Watts and publishes another edition which finds its way to Death Row Records. She is hired to be its chief editor and memo writer to get a media-averse brand moving.  Using its proximity to Interscope Records, Nina sends packages of  fan mail, news and poems to Tupac in jail and cannot understand why he cannot bail himself out, having seen his royalty statements. Nina feels she has found a family and stability at last and that Death Row is the future.

But just as she is starting to feel secure,  she discovers things are not quite right - in fact, they are very, very wrong. But getting out alive is a privilege most aren't ready to pay.  Now the despair and the robbery is not just personal; it's corporate and cannot be so easily dismissed.  But Nina is a nobody so who is going to do something about it and how?

This is the story of growing up from personal angst to social responsibility and the stories of countless young people struggling against the odds to survive to adulthood.  



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206 BONES Poetry Anthology

is an anthology of poems and selected artwork by British writer Nina Bhadreshwar dealing with the dark questions grief brings and set in California and the UK. As a young woman, poetry and graffiti art was the basis of her magazine, The Real State, formed in 1992, catalyzing an adventure of grace that continues. 'The ghettos and injustices of Cali were my calling then and still are because they are found the world over. They are just more obvious here.  I seem to grow into - not out of - Cali; the older I get, the deeper the roots grow. A newborn baby has 242 bones; a fully grown adult has just 206. So '206 Bones' is about becoming real; loss is part of that process.  And bones are the last true documents of our existence we leave on this planet.'

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