FINDING CC - audio visual show

by Nina Bhadreshwar

Nina Bhadreshwar is a British journalist, poet and artist emerging out of the UK’s rave scene and the grim dystopia of the post-industrial north.  Her underground art & poetry magazine, The Real State, distributed by graffiti artists worldwide, caused her to spend much time in New York city’s ghettos where she encountered a fellow poet and activist, Tupac Shakur, in 1993.  Later she decamped to Southern California to tour a street play with a band of Mexican vatos locos before finally settling in Watts to cover the gang situation after the riots, continuing to write and publish her magazine.  Nina’s skills at interviewing the most truculent of gang members led to her discovery by Death Row Records and the rest is folklore, conspiracy theory, myth and mystery…

 Til now. This is a chance to hear the actual factual story of a British girl's perspective of what REALLY went down at the epicentre of the storm through an audio visual presentation including Nina’s live poetry, stand up, artwork and exclusive photographic documentation of that time. Based on her book 'Finding CC', available on this website and at events only.

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