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FINDING CC - the show

'Finding CC- The Show' is a multi-media presentation of Nina Bhadreshwar's jouirney through growing up in the UK in the 1970's and 1980's, its rave culture birthing her magazine 'The Real State', graffiti, New York hip hop, Mexican gangs, South Central post-riots and finally the notorious Death Row Records.  Told through her own poetry, illustrations, photography, stand-up comedy and based on her book 'Finding CC', it culminates in a Q & A hosted by Manchester's leading host MC, Chunky.

This is a show situated in the clubs and vibes that formed the environments the story was set in and engages new audiencesan  directly with a new story through performance and salon discussion -  not online. All photos by Jamina Wittke.

Death Row records

Nina in R & B Barbershop, Manchester.

Host Chunky

Chunky hosting.



Chunky and Slay

Chunky hosting.

A corner in Hulme

DJ Buttercreem from LA

NTS host Leon Riley & Nina

NTS radio host Leon Riley

DJ banter


Buttercreem mixing

View from outside

Chunx hosting

Nina in her zone

Snoop illustration

Mic technique


Stand up

And up


The Real State issue 2


Vatos Locos

Project Queen

Another Alice

Backyard DJ 1992

Raves north of Nottingham 1992

Rave culture